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Sunrise Desparado (Cinematic Rebuilds) - Part 1

Sunrise Desparado (Cinematic Rebuilds) - Part 1

July 13, 2020

Been away for 18 months since the last time I played live and retired from music.  After 30 years of DJing and producing music, I felt it time to reflect and put the industry in the rear-view.  After so much uncertainty in the world, there was no place for music until now.

I produce music now for myself and for close fans I release the following  reworks of some of my favorite tracks I pull energy from, they are thoughtful and massive time was spent recreating songs from Moby and Crystal Method with new rhythms basses, and a high focus on final mix clarity.

This is one of two parts :: the second part is very high energy.

Original Unedited Tracks :: Please support the Artists

1) Hold on :: Crystal Method :: Link

2) Cabin Pressure :: Crystal Method :: Link

3) Chapter One :: Crystal Method :: Link

4) Ghost In the City :: Crystal Method :: Link

5) Come On Baby :: Moby :: Link

No Glory for Old Bassterds by IamDiabolical

No Glory for Old Bassterds by IamDiabolical

March 3, 2019

This week we felt like going back to the beginning with grungy-glitchy bass music that eventually retrograded into edm trap music...

Please search and support your local artists, music is expression, it's freedom, it's timeless, and tells a story from those that it originates...

Tracks edited, patched, overdubbed, and re-engineered to make this mix

1: No Glory :: Skan

2. My Way :: TroyBoi

3. Rachet Strap :: 12th Planet

4. Sabertooth :: Skan & Dreamer

5. Slender :: Tomsize

6: Yasuo :: Bommer

7. Louder :: InkMonster & Yelawolf



West Coast Cateracting (Cali Luv NSFW Edits) by IamDiabolical

West Coast Cateracting (Cali Luv NSFW Edits) by IamDiabolical

February 17, 2019

At a recent event, we were asked to put together edits for the West Coast Smoke-out....the result is here....based on language...I would say not for the faint of hart...however there are treats in here you never heard before...much love...thank you for the support...

Please Support your local artist by searching them on iTunes, Apple Music, Shazam, Google Play, Amazon Music, and Spotify...

Tracks use for re-edits and re-master...

Spaceman :: Carnage

Cali Luv :: Snow tha Product

Tony Tone :: A$AP Rocky

Bone Marrow :: G-Easy

Horses :: PnB Rock - Kodak Black

Wow :: Post Malone and others (MUAHAHA)

Get Right Witcha :: Migos-G-REX-HELF

Thank You,

Diabolical Music

Bass Ackward by IamDiabolical

Bass Ackward by IamDiabolical

February 17, 2019

Past few months we have been reading mixes for many DJs across the Genre spectrum....this one is a bass grinder....we use it for driving music when we need to get there quickly or annoy other drivers in slow traffic...Enjoy...as always support your local artist through all major online music services...otherwise we starve and be bored with out all the noise.

Tracks used in creating this sonic horror...

DaDaDaDa :: Wuki


Hoodrat Anthem :: ZEKE-ZOID & Instant Party

The Dopest :: Cesqeaux - Moksi

Nightmare :: Pusha T - Barrington Levy - Yellow Claw

New Years Eve 2019 (Remembering Ruby Skye) by IamDiabolical
Tranquilízate, Salvaje   by IamDiabolical
A Violent Flash of Light (Pre-Workout Re-Master) by IamDiabolical

A Violent Flash of Light (Pre-Workout Re-Master) by IamDiabolical

January 12, 2019

Welcome to the first mix of 2019.  Diabolical Music returns with an extreme piece of work meant for those heading into their challenge.

Centered around Dubstep and Grinding EDM...I hope you enjoy..

Look for us with lots of mixes in 2019...as always thank you for your support...download, playloud, drive fast, break-things....

Please look up and support the original artist on your favorite music service...

1. Feel Good :: Apashe

2. Replicant :: Apashe

3. I Like Playing the Flute :: Keys'n Krates

4. Do it :: Black Prez

5. Hood Up :: Appeal


The Velvet Vajene (Metalic Remixes) by IamDiabolical

The Velvet Vajene (Metalic Remixes) by IamDiabolical

December 16, 2018

The last release this year for our Metal Cover Remixes.

We return with Pop Music legends from Brittney, Katy, Lorde, and that Uptown Funk Maaaaan....

Enjoy, download, play loud, annoy, break stuff....

Happy Holiday's we have many releases scheduled....

IamDiabolical of Diabolical Music....


Lost Loved Ones ( Metal Masters) by IamDiabolical

Lost Loved Ones ( Metal Masters) by IamDiabolical

December 8, 2018

Happy Holidays and Hello Kitties....I had a request for a louder mix after some fans loved the hard rock remixes I did this year.

I am sending this one out to everyone that liked metal music...I will not list the trackless so you can unwrap it like a present Christmas day....

These tracks come from a very very talented musician I meet years ago and now he tours the world for Guitar brands demoing at trade shows....Leo Moracchiol....look him up on Youtube and buy his music...

These tracks have been remastered and arranged ... download, play loud, break stuff....


Levántate, La Cultura Es Fuerza by IamDiabolical

Levántate, La Cultura Es Fuerza by IamDiabolical

December 1, 2018
La música diabólica se toma muy en serio a Santa Muerta. Ella ha vigilado el uso desde el principio y nada que amenazar ...

Mientras observamos los eventos amargos que se desarrollan entre las personas latinas / cultura / dogma y el mundo, podemos comprender, pero nos solidarizamos con lo que creemos que algunas de las culturas más fuertes comienzan a resistir a su opresión.

Gracias por todo el apoyo.

1. Sientate En Ese Deo - El Alfa El Jefe
2. Que Tu Dices - Milky Woodz
3. Taste - Victor Arias & Juicyfer
4. Dembow - Lyan
5. Yandel - Wisin

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