Diabolical Music

Sunrise Desparado (Cinematic Rebuilds) - Part 1

July 13, 2020

Been away for 18 months since the last time I played live and retired from music.  After 30 years of DJing and producing music, I felt it time to reflect and put the industry in the rear-view.  After so much uncertainty in the world, there was no place for music until now.

I produce music now for myself and for close fans I release the following  reworks of some of my favorite tracks I pull energy from, they are thoughtful and massive time was spent recreating songs from Moby and Crystal Method with new rhythms basses, and a high focus on final mix clarity.

This is one of two parts :: the second part is very high energy.

Original Unedited Tracks :: Please support the Artists

1) Hold on :: Crystal Method :: Link

2) Cabin Pressure :: Crystal Method :: Link

3) Chapter One :: Crystal Method :: Link

4) Ghost In the City :: Crystal Method :: Link

5) Come On Baby :: Moby :: Link

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