Diabolical Music

No Glory for Old Bassterds by IamDiabolical

March 3, 2019

This week we felt like going back to the beginning with grungy-glitchy bass music that eventually retrograded into edm trap music...

Please search and support your local artists, music is expression, it's freedom, it's timeless, and tells a story from those that it originates...

Tracks edited, patched, overdubbed, and re-engineered to make this mix

1: No Glory :: Skan

2. My Way :: TroyBoi

3. Rachet Strap :: 12th Planet

4. Sabertooth :: Skan & Dreamer

5. Slender :: Tomsize

6: Yasuo :: Bommer

7. Louder :: InkMonster & Yelawolf



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