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Eight Felonies Telling Me {NSFW} by IamDiabolical

Eight Felonies Telling Me {NSFW} by IamDiabolical

March 19, 2017

Back with a dark and humble tribute to some of the best in hip-hop...rip and much luv...

NOT for the easily Offended...

Aquí es Breakbeat by IamDiabolical

Aquí es Breakbeat by IamDiabolical

February 17, 2017

A number of fans contacted me asking to put out a mix like I did back in the day...

I took everything I have learned in the past few years...past together some remixes with the latest glitch capabilities in the murder.maschine studio....and here we have a mix for the beat boys and booty-shakers...

Support your local LA artists!!!

Up - Seth Vogt

Put the Needle - Columbo

Gonna Be Mine - Mackenzie/DJ Fixx

F*ckuplay - Shade K

Get Down - Wuki


Dragged Along a Knife-Edge

Dragged Along a Knife-Edge

February 15, 2017

This is a wild-one of a 100BPM Trap and Bass...enjoy some original releases and some re-edits at the and of the murder.Maschine..

Support Your Local Artists:

Booty Loose - Party Favor

Out the Speakers - A-Trak (yes it's that song)

Buring Up the Place - Hopsteady & Flipbois

Click - Sharps/Dotcom

Knas Party - Steve Angelio

Only If I Had One More by IamDiabolical

Only If I Had One More by IamDiabolical

February 12, 2017

Releasing another bass mix with new style from me and the murder.maschine..enjoy and support your local artists...

In the morning - Zhu

Hyprid - New Alias

Dope Haus - Evangelos/Sandro

One More - Dye Witness

Shovolution by IamDiabolical

Shovolution by IamDiabolical

February 11, 2017

This is a beginning of combining a few genre's with song construction used in the new trap, bass, and dubstep music...

Using some white label songs, a lot of different patches, maschine, ableton with push...enjoy bleeding edge of what I predict will be the 2017 music festival season...stay warm people!!

Crown - wide awake

Plastic, Reign - sumthin sumthin

Juice - Fabian Mazur

in Time - DROELOE

Dat Beat Dough by IamDiabolical (Re-Edits)

Dat Beat Dough by IamDiabolical (Re-Edits)

February 11, 2017

It's been awhile since the last release and there are a lot coming in the next few days....

Let's start with some re-engineered singles of new releases .... enjoy!!

Reload - Snavs

Dough - Felmax

Riddler - Henery Fong

Buck - Ookay

Love and support your local LA artists!!

Built as Savage by IamDiabolical

Built as Savage by IamDiabolical

November 20, 2016

I hope you enjoy this one.... it's very close to me with 8 months and over a hundred hours of re-engineering music that end weaving an amazing story....

I feel so blessed, having travelled the globe and getting to share the insanity that creates these mixes.

From beginning, this was just a collection of my favorite Rhianna songs, reworked in my own sound As more of the picture came into view I can see so much reflection,  The result makes me humble for the lessons I've laarned,

In the end, we all face conflicts, this is what builds Savages. 

Undying thanks, patients, and respect to the follow artists ::

- Rhianna

Iccarus, Jakoban, D!avolo, Geotheory, 20syl, Lost Kings, Lessi, Teemo, Makeda, and Tapes

- Song

Diamonds, Needed Me, Rude Boy, Stay, Work, Umbrella, Only Girl The World, and Take Care...


Mosh Pit, Flesh Would by IamDiabolical

Mosh Pit, Flesh Would by IamDiabolical

August 27, 2016

After all the amazing feedback from Shredder, I finally finished my amage to the HDY Nation, Flosstradamus....

After listening to their epic performance at the LAB LA, I was inspired to chop, refine, re-engineer a few of their tracks...out of deep respect and admiration...I present  MOSH PIT, FLESH WOUND....

Support my native Chicagoian's...and Light it up..

Total Recall - Flosstradamus
Acrylics - TNGHT
Mosh Pit - Flosstradamus
Clossal - Cesqeaux
Lighters Up - Flosstradamus & NGHTMRE

Shredder, I Have Just Begun by IamDiabolical

Shredder, I Have Just Begun by IamDiabolical

August 25, 2016

Shredder is a coupe months worth of work...these songs are very re-engineered to shreds....

This mix is loud, angry, and not for the easily offended...You have been warned....

If you wait till the end you will even get a treat by Debbie Deb....

Respects to the original authors and tracks:

R.Ross/Skrillex - Purple Lambo
Tyga - Bulgatti
Ephward - Rock the Party
Heyul - Vegilante
Choclate Puma - Scrub the Ground
Debbie Deb - Lookout Wekend

Reflexion by IamDiabolical

Reflexion by IamDiabolical

July 24, 2016

Found this mix on the editing room floor after re-ediitng and re-creating a few chill songs from Pretty Lights and alike....enjoy

Fly Like an Eagle - Pretty Lights (unrleased)
I Feel Good - Pretty Lights
Stay With Me - Teemo & Sofia Karlberg
Ain't No Sunshine - Herr Vogel

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