Diabolical Music

Built as Savage by IamDiabolical

November 20, 2016

I hope you enjoy this one.... it's very close to me with 8 months and over a hundred hours of re-engineering music that end weaving an amazing story....

I feel so blessed, having travelled the globe and getting to share the insanity that creates these mixes.

From beginning, this was just a collection of my favorite Rhianna songs, reworked in my own sound As more of the picture came into view I can see so much reflection,  The result makes me humble for the lessons I've laarned,

In the end, we all face conflicts, this is what builds Savages. 

Undying thanks, patients, and respect to the follow artists ::

- Rhianna

Iccarus, Jakoban, D!avolo, Geotheory, 20syl, Lost Kings, Lessi, Teemo, Makeda, and Tapes

- Song

Diamonds, Needed Me, Rude Boy, Stay, Work, Umbrella, Only Girl The World, and Take Care...


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