Diabolical Music

One Body, Not Somebody by IamDiabolical

October 24, 2015

I started today in a different mindset. I wanted to put lyrics together captured with some beats that hit the studio floor....This mix is raw, and where I feel I am in life at this moment. I walk the earth alone, more of a decision than settling for something less than everything.

I hope you take something away, at least to hear something you like in it.  I guess, it goes out to someone in the ether and I suppose you know who you are by what this expresses.  I don't think I know YOU, but may we someday meet...

This was a good departure..Now back to the Madness

Re-Engineered Tracks Inc.

Diego, Initiation, and Say it  from Tony Lanez :: Link
Everyday from Elijah Blake :: Link
$save Dat Money from Lil Dicky :: Link
Mamacita from Travis Scott :: Link
Vice City from Jay Rock :: Link

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