Diabolical Music

Chasing the Sunset by IamDiabolical

November 17, 2018

Everyone struggles and stumbles making poor choices to fill that niche to feel useful and give value to whom you Love.  Many times though, regardless how we try we face those that take advantage of your effort.  This mix came together after many hours of tweaking the individual trackes.

The mix tells a story of someone facing this and releasing it the best they can only to fall into a stereo type....history is destined to repeat itself.

Make choices, not second chances...

Please Support your local music artists....find the original songs on iTunes, Play, and Amazon Music...

Panic Room - Au-Ra

Take You Down - Illenium

Drive - Black Coffee

Gold - Excision

Guys My Age - Hey Violet


Thank you for all the support, then, now, and future...XO.humble...IamDiabolical

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